Upholstered chairs: For the highest seating comfort

Our upholstered chairs treat your guests with special seating comfort in the restaurant, café or hotel. Turn your restaurant or hotel into a feel-good place in a league of its own! The basis of our chairs is a solid wooden frame made of beech or oak. Sometimes even a small seat cushion can create an amazing seating comfort. But it goes even more rich with an embedded Nosag springing in the seat, so that the chair gets the coziness of an armchair.

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Even more seating comfort

The backs of our chairs are made of ergonomic bentwood backrests or are upholstered as well. Often our chairs come with and without armrests, so you can mix and match based on availability of space. Armrests are either wood or fully upholstered. Also very popular are moulded chairs with wooden frames, which emit a noble look. No matter which model you choose, you can be sure that our upholstered chairs are designed to withstand the heavy use in the restaurant and hotel industry.

Variety makes the difference
With a variety of fabrics in uni colors or patterns, every upholstered chair appears in a new light. Equipped with stain resistance, you will enjoy your upholstered furniture for a long time! Fire retardant fabrics are also available upon request. We also offer a wide range of leathers and artificial leathers. Covering with your own customer fabric is also possible. Quilting and stitching provide interesting effects. We finish the wood with stain or varnish in many colors according to your requirements. Old style, elegant or designer chair - we make everything possible for you!

Upholstered chairs for your hotel rooms

Upholstered chairs with recliner character are the ideal seating for hotel rooms. An upholstered chair with armrests functions simultaneously as an armchair for relaxing, as a desk chair or as a normal chair for sitting at the table. Especially when space is limited, such a multifunctional chair is ideal for many purposes. It is not for nothing that many hotels equip their rooms with our chairs. Let us help you - we will guide you to your favorite chairs!

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